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Emerson/Fisher ROC Plus

The Fisher ROC Plus Ethernet Driver supports real-time read and write access and historical Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data access in ROC Plus Ethernet controllers.

It is ideal for local and remote communications to RTUs, supporting the ability to serialize requests between multiple devices on remote serial networks.

Like all EFM-enabled drivers, the Fisher ROC Plus Ethernet Driver also supports time synchronization and the interleaving of real-time and EFM data access.

This ensures that no blackouts occur during EFM data collection.

Access real-time data in ROC Plus Ethernet controllers via OPC client applications, including HMI, SCADA, Historians, MES, ERP systems, and more.

Export Gas and Liquid EFM data to Flow-Cal, PGAS, databases, and other custom formats.

For more information on scheduling and exporting EFM data from ROC Plus Ethernet controllers, refer to the EFM Exporter Plug-In help documentation.

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