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Johnson Controls Metasys N1

The Metasys N1 Local Area Network (LAN) can use Ethernet or ARCNET technology in the circuit boards and software of Operator Workstations (OWSs) and the Network Control Module (NCM 350s).

These devices communicate over the N1 Ethernet/IP cable via an Ethernet Adapter Card, which is also known as a Network Interface Card (NIC).

The Metasys N1 LAN (hereafter referred to as N1) carries all types of communication, including shared point and control information, database uploads and downloads, commands to field equipment, summaries, and change-of-state messages.

The N1 supports the distributed nature of the Metasys Network, in which each node has a specific function to perform and relies on others only for shared data.

The N1 Ethernet/IP (as opposed to ARCNET) uses the industry standard User Datagram Protocol (UDP) service provided by Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and works with single and multiple segment LANs.

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