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OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a machine to machine communication protocol for industrial automation developed by the OPC Foundation.

OPC UA is the next generation of OPC technology, it is a more secure, open, reliable mechanism for transferring information between servers and clients.

OPC UA provides more open transports, better security and a more complete information model than the original OPC.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) was first defined by a number of players in automation together with Microsoft all the way back in 1995, over the following ten years it became the most used versatile way to communicate in the automation layer in all types of industry and over the years it has evolved from the start with simple Data access (DA) over Alarm & Events (AE) to the more advanced Historical Data Access (HDA) to have quite extensive functionality and reach.

Though there were always some gaps where it didn’t cover the needs and requirements from the more and more advanced control systems, it was out of those needs for model based data and getting more platform independent that resulted in the creation of the OPC UA standard.

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